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Jean Michel Frank: Canapé 3 places - 452

Canapè avec structure en bois avec polyuréthane et plumes Revêtement en cuir, ou tissu completement dehoussable. Pieds en noyer.

Designed by Jean Michel Frank in 1930. This sofa type was a favorite of Jean Michel Frank. However, the basic frame of this sofa was not invented by Frank nor by his partner Charnaux. Sofas of a similar structure frequently appear in photographs of interiors of the early and mid 1920' s. Around 1926, Syrie Maugham, the wife of Somerset Maugham and a successful decorator, was using the same basic sofa type with a slip-cover and loose back cushions and wthout the trapezoidal wooden feet. Certainly, Frank was not a furniture designer inthe strict sense in that he was not interested in developing a model with precise, fixed dimensions or set proportions which could be mass-produced and used in various decoration schemes. Moreover, it is obvious that this sofa never intended to be an original statement or a limited edition. In short, it is more accurate to say that this club chair and matching sofa was a general type or model of upholstered furniture which Frank found particularly pleasing and easy to adapt and modify for different decorating schemes. Interior decoration is a highly perishable art. Consequently, the work of Frank remains principally in the photographs of the homes he decorated. Yet, Frank' s simple rooms decorated with relatively few pieces of well proportioned furniture in rich materials.