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Petit fauteuil - 476
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Gerald Summers: Petit fauteuil - 476

Fauteuil en bois plaqué bouleau laqué, naturel ou noir.

Designed in 1929 by Gerald Summers. Gerald Summers, one of the earliest designer-producers of functional furniture, formed "Makers of Simple Furniture Ltd" in 1929. Its purpose was to produce practical furniture in the modern style. In 1934, Summers produced this remarkable chair which, unlike the chairs of Aalto, is composed of a single sheet of bent plywood. The rounded, sweptback, gives an aerodynamic, streamlined effect softened by elements which, at a later date, would be described as "organic". In 1939 because of British government restrictions on the importation of plywood, Gerald Summers left furniture manufacturing and opened a factory for the production of ball bearings.